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A stewardship Moment

Our God of all blessings and his beloved son Jesus teaches us all we need to know to claim the life he has planned for us. Far too often as Christians, we live like the rest of the world, eager to accumulate and reluctant to give. We shower adoration on the rich and powerful and push away the poor and powerless. Our gifts, which are the result of God’s blessings, should help us to remember whom Jesus called truly blessed!

Our goal and purpose as Christians are to CONNECT/SERVE, WITH LOVE, HOPE, AND JOY.

Scripture and the words of our teacher and savior are the cornerstone of our faith and should be our guide in our expression of love and adoration of God through our sacrificial giving of oneself and resources. Stewardship is not just giving of finances, but it also includes our service and using our gifts for kingdom building.

The building of God’s kingdom is a response to our faithfulness and our belief in his word. God’s grace and mercy are sufficient.

Thank you for your generosity and stewardship. Your faith in actions and dedication to the success of our missional work at Cliftondale ensures that we can successfully serve and help those in need.


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