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Following the Spirit

Over the next several months, as part of our ongoing Acts of Faith and stewardship of God’s gifts and increase, our church will be engaged in making several important capital improvements to enhance the beauty, comfort, and functionality of our sanctuary and fellowship hall. We know and believe the Holy Spirit abides in each of us by our generosity and willingness to serve. Our faith leads us to action, as our prayers guide our paths forward.

Throughout the Bible, God’s people came to the realization that they (we) must be Holy Spirit-led. God is always guiding us through his Spirit, who leads in conjunction with God’s Word. God’s general design for life is clear, but the specific steps God has in store for each of us is revealed in God’s time and God’s way. As we work within the framework of carefully stewarding our path of giftedness and calling, let us ask God’s Spirit to order our steps so that our plans conform to his perfect will.


We ask that you join us by praying this prayer each week through the month of June:
Holy Spirit, we are often at a loss as to which direction we should go. Guide and help us to determine the right path according to the gracious work of God the father, and his son, Jesus Christ. You are so good to us. Teach us and show us opportunities to continue practicing graceful giving and stewardship.


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