Prayer Request

Anonymous, June 23, 2021 - 1:36 pm

Adult Sunday School: We lift up the following loved ones: Our strength comes from God.
The Kimbrough family- peace and love. Healing for our friends Tommy Rucker and Marvin Gooding. Thank you Lord for Faith Walker's successful bone marrow transplant. Her mother was the donor! Faith will spend the next 40 days in an Alabama hospital (Christine). Father, please cover Jared Henry's life with the blood of Jesus (Tammi). We pray that the Holy Spirit will encourage all citizens, especially young adults to go ahead and get the COVID vaccine. Peace be still regarding the mass shootings taking place in the USA. Thank you father for blessing Rod Boykin with a new job beginning 4-19-21 (He was out of work for one year). "It's good for me to be near God. I have taken my refuge in you, my Lord God, so I can talk all about your works!" Psalm 73: 28