Welcome, We believe in one God, the Father, the Almighty, maker of heaven and earth.
Our Vision

Cliftondale United Methodist Church is under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, through the power of the Holy Spirit, with the commitment of “Investing in the Future”, by making Disciples of Jesus Christ today, for the transformation of the world.

The first worship service was held at the Community Clubhouse at 8:30 a.m. on June 14, 1964. A cross raising was held on Saturday, August 29, 1964, and on Sunday, August 30th, the Reverend Joseph L. Black, Superintendent of the Atlanta Southwest District, formally organized the Cliftondale Methodist Church.

Rev. Richard Cathy was the first appointed full-time pastor to serve Cliftondale in 1965. In 1966 a metal building was constructed (the current fellowship hall). The first service was held June 5, 1966 (the church had 77 members).

In April 1968, Cliftondale after the merger of the Methodist Church and the Evangelical United Brethren. The church became formally known as Cliftondale United Methodist Church. 

June 13, 1971 the Charge Conference approved plans to build the current sanctuary and classroom building. The first service was held April 9, 1971.

On June 27, 2004, the Red Oak United Methodist Church located on Roosevelt Highway merged with the Cliftondale United Methodist Church. Reverend Karen Lyons was appointed pastor of the merged congregations. Reverend Lyons was the first African American female pastor of the Church, who served over twelve years. She would be joined by Dr. Walter L. Kimbrough, retired as Pastor in Residence. They oversaw tremendous growth and revitalization of the congregation. During there tenure the house and property next door was purchased. The Fellowship Hall was completely renovated. However, in 2014 the Fellowship Hall would again have to be renovated and repaired due to damage from frozen water lines.

Cliftondale Church would be served by three other Pastors: Reverend Dr. Carol Helton (2013-15); Reverend Dr. Kevin Murriel (2015-17); Reverend Gigi Warren (2017-18).

The sanctuary was completely renovated and modernized in 2016-17. This project included increasing our seating capacity from 200 to just over 300; updated A/V and IT equipment; TV monitors placed in the lower classrooms for streaming web content and programs from the sanctuary. The Pastor’s office was moved to the old conference room.
Reverend Dr. Walter L. Kimbrough would return as Senior Pastor in 2018, He served the congregation for two years (2018-2020). Our Church experienced a spiritual revival and growth during his tenure. Rev. Kimbrough would return to retirement after his service here at Cliftondale.

The Cliftondale United Methodist Church congregation is a spiritual transformational society of believers that welcomes all. And we say, To God Be the Glory.